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Aloha, we are digital publisher Svoemedia

We create awesome content-centric websites on Tilda Publishing.
Tell us about your project
We love our clients, and they love us back ♥
Highly professional, fast and friendly :)
Completed work on the website brought us 10-15 million roubles over the last couple of years, which is about 15% of the total revenue. This is a huge success, no doubt.
Svoemedia is about comfort. They are for the informal but respectful work. Svoemedia is about service. They do whatever it takes to help the client, even if it is not related to the project.
Roman Kagan
Tatyana Akovantseva
MTS Investments
Ilya Mazov

Our philosophy: not today office, not today

That is why we have the best team, regardless of location. We do not miss deadlines: remote work = high discipline, but thanks to different time zones of our team we are in touch not only during standard business hours.
Tbilisi +1
Novosibirsk +4
Moscow 0
Voronezh 0
Odessa 0
Vladivostok +7
Omsk +3
Samui +4
Interstellar team
What we do

We are the Top Web Developers on Tilda Publishing

We do all the projects on the Tilda Publishing design platform, and have achieved success in this — we are one of the first and experienced teams in Russia and the world specializing in Tilda.

We provide trainings and store content in our knowledge base

Projects in Tilda's Inspiration

We create premium templates and ready-made designs

We have been working on Tilda almost since its inception
We are not afraid of non-standard tasks and large volumes
We participate in the creation of materials about the platform
We make ready-to-use website templates on Tilda, special blocks, and update codes.
Our projects
They write about us and we write for
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